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OKC Loud Links: Considering Europe?

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More and more players are starting to publicly consider playing overseas as a means to keep their games and bank accounts fresh. I would imagine though that in another country, the difference between the elites of the NBA and the rest would be all the more noticeable. 

Wing Options Aplenty for Thunder if They Want One | Daily Thunder

Young writes that there are a number of serviceable wing players in free agency if OKC is interested in finding someone to back up Kevin Durant for 15 minutes a night.  The more I think of his idea of bringing on Tracy McGrady, the more I like it, irrationally or not.

Where did 2009 Nate Robinson Go? | Sports Illustrated

Lowe asks a very good question as to the 2011 version of Nate Robinson. He is a guy in the middle of his career who has definable abilities by which he can contribute. So why did he become the de facto class clown in 2011? 

The Legacy of Yao | Grantland

The writers here do a great job of getting some quotes that help carry the narrative of Yao Ming. You can tell how special an individual he is by the way his peers and coaches talk about him.

Lance Allred's Book Reveals Perils of Playing Overseas | SB Nation

In a timely bit of publishing, Lance Allred, NBA journeyman, has published an e-Book (you can have it for 99 cents) depicting his trials and tribulations in trying to stay in the pro basketball game while shuttling back and forth between the US and Europe.

Basketball Business | CelticsBlog

Jeff Clark, economic rabble-rouser.  He chimes in on the economics issues we've been batting around, and also offers some good insight on the D-League restructuring potential.

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CBA Thoughts and Theories

Beckley covers a wide array of topics in this excellent post, many of which we've examined here as well. One thing he brings forth is the idea that technology improves exponentially. Since the NBA is an entertainment-driven idea, it makes it all the more important for the league to stay in the front of media technology and remain flexible as things change.

Mulling Offers Overseas | Sports Illustrated

Here is some further discussion on the group of players, including Durant, that have discussed playing overseas this month.

Thunder to Offer Half-Season Ticket Package | NewsOK

The snarky side of me postulates that this package is being offered because there will only be half a season to consume next year.

How A New Labor Deal Can Help the D-League | SB Nation

Teams would do well to push forward the building of the D-League (The Thunder have utilized their team, the Tulsa 66ers, liberally). Teams only have 15 roster spots, so any means they can apply to expand their talent development pool goes a long way in increasing the overall level of competition.

What Teams Risk in a Lockout: Northwest Division

"Usually, young teams that make a deep run through the playoffs can't wait to get back on the court for a second go-around. Multiply that feeling by about 10 and that's the situation facing OKC."

Cool Posters From Statheads | Wages of Wins

Just imagine, right next to your classic Dr. J poster and modern day Kevin Durant slam over Brendan Haywood, you can have a scatterplot chart of Wins Produced. Combine that with a black-light and some Zeppelin, and you've got yourself quite the dorm room.

Durant Proves Leadership Not Determined By Age | Pros Give Back

Durant has been magnanimous in sharing his blessings with others. This story gives a good insight into how he has done it and why as a result so many people have had the opportunity to effect him as well.

NBA to Host 11th Basketball Without Borders Camps, Sans Players | Sports Illustrated

Despite the absence of current NBA players, the BWB camps will continue this summer. Here is a remarkable stat - since the camps began, 17 camp players have gone on to be drafted into the NBA.

Will Yao's Retirement Hurt the NBA in China? | Ball Don't Lie?

I would tend to think that it will not, because while Yao was a true ambassador to the game, other players have sold more merchandise there.

It Wouldn't Be Easy Overseas | Orlando Sentinel

NBA players, especially those in the middle to lower end of the pay spectrum, might be in for a rude awakening if they try to secure overseas contracts during the lockout. I would imagine that travelling overseas is entirely different when the NBA is not footing the bill.

Wrapping Up the U19 Championships | Sports Illustrated

Winn covers the close of the Under-19 Championships, where the US finished 5th.

Don Nelson Has Interest in Timberwolves | Ball Don't Lie

Yes, that should end well.