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Kevin Durant Thinking About Going Overseas, Nate Robinson Wants to Play Football

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Via and Sports Illustrated:

His agent, Aaron Goodwin, told that he is exploring overseas options for his most high-profile client.

"If the opportunity presents itself and the lockout persists, he's going to have to consider it just as other players are considering it," Goodwin said. "Kevin has shown some interest to know what the situation is and we'll reach out to the players' association and make sure that they're aligned with the guys in case they do take an offer. But I think what you're going to see happening is a lot of players are going to look at the opportunity if the lockout prolongs that they can go somewhere and play basketball.

"If they're not allowed to play in the NBA, they've got to look at other opportunities. If you have teams that want you to play and the NBA is willing to sit out a year, why sit out a year?"

This isn't too much to get excited about, since the information given is really vague. But the mere fact that Kevin Durant is exploring options while others wait is promising news for his pocketbook and those who want to see him play internationally. Where he will play is anyone's guess, but he is currently touring China, so that could be viewed as a potential destination, especially with how much the fans love him over there.

Via Yahoo! Sports' Ball Don't Lie and SLAM Magazine:

"If I can, I would love to play football a little bit," says Robinson less than half-jokingly. "I’ve been doing a little bit of training."


"Why wouldn’t you want to have an NBA player that can play football try out? That’s a lot of publicity for your organization."

Given that Nate Robinson has been quoted as being a football player who just happened to play basketball, this isn't a huge surprise. But a bigger surprise would be Nate Robinson actually playing on the field. Corners generally have a long lifespan in the NFL, but Nate Robinson is kind of undersized. Yes, he's undersized in the NFL, too. He did play for the Washington Huskies football team, but it's been years since he's played on that level, and no one really knows if his talent would have transferred over to the next level.

It's fun to think about, and should the NFL get out of its' own lockout, he'll probably get a tryout. But I doubt he gets a roster spot. Being a pro football player is an entirely different thing than being a pro basketball player, and I don't think his physical attributes make up for the lack of practice he's had over the past few years.