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OKC Loud Links: Tied at Two

I may need an IV drip just like Dirk Nowitzki after a couple more games like this. It's wearing me out. More, please.

Game Four Poetry in Motion |

More beautiful stuff from the slow-mo phantom crew.

Post Game Four Quotes | Mavs Moneyball

Rick Carlisle - who is this guy?

Dallas Comes Back, Ties Series at 2 Games Apiece | Peninsula is Mightier

The Heat guys somberly recount how the Heat let their 4th quarter lead slip away again. Even they are starting to get down on LeBron James.

Carlisle's Moves Give Mavs an Edge | ESPN

Hollinger writes that aside from the line-up shifts, Carlisle's coaching adjustments were small but proved substantial. In games that have been decided by a single possession, every advantage that can be had is critical to winning.

More links after the jump.

Wade Takes Eye Off the Ball | Ball Don't Lie

Wade was an all-around colossus last night, right up until the point where he dropped the ball and never got a chance to add another chapter to his unfinished tome on NBA immortality. I kind of think he would have made it, too.

Plan of Attack | Basketball Prospectus

Pelton writes that Carlisle unleashed his zone defense for only about three possessions in the entire game. As a strategy, it was brilliant because it was like a pitcher suddenly throwing a changeup. From that point on, Miami no longer had certainty as to what kind of defense they were looking at, and their offense fell apart to the tune of 14 4th quarter points.

New Role Works for Stevenson | ESPN

DeShawn Stevenson was moved to the bench for Game Four, and he responded by playing well in his supporting role to the tune of three huge 3-pointers in the 1st half that kept Dallas close.

Tyson Chandler Coming On Strong | HoopSpeak

Tyson Chandler is in no-man's land. He's lost his backup in Brendan Haywood, and he is the only big man left on the Dallas front line that can keep guys like Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem away from the rim. And yet, he's doing it, almost outrebounding the entire Miami front line by himself.

Terry Lives Up the Talk, Promise | Star Telegram

Jason Terry was boastful after the Game Three loss, and he did not shrink from the moment. Rather, he played his best game of the series. A day after Dirk said he wasn't playing clutch, Terry hit two clutch free throws that helped seal the game.

Finals Looking Familiar to Riley | Sports Illustrated

Thomsen looks back in Pat Riley's history to 1984 and wonders if a similar outcome is in store. If a Finals upset is possible, then this is the kind of series that can provide it.

Perkins: Westbrook Handled Things Like a 'G' | The Basketball Jones

Hey, Thunder news! Well, sort of. But if you didn't read it before, it's news to you. And TBJ guys always have a great spin on things.

LeBron James Playing As Big As Ever | Rick Reilly

Once again, Rick Reilly's timing is impeccable. 

Miami Foolishly Letting Mavericks Hang Around | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that Miami really should not be in the position they are in, and he's probably right. Aside from Game One, the Heat have not played with the right level of 4th quarter urgency that they've needed to close out the games. Just ask the Thunder about this facet though; closing out Dallas is not as easy as you might think.

Lebron and the Limitations of His Position | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer writes that for all James' abilities, he is still confined in a sense to the position he plays. I think one of the closer models we have to what we're seeing now is Scottie Pippen running the Chicago Bulls in 1994, the year after Jordan retired.

Do Athletes Dream of Electric Sheep? | Negative Dunkalectics

This post brings forth the interesting dichotomy between how much we know about athletes vs how much we do not. What do athletes dream of? Maybe tigers.