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The Seven Circles of Inner Expletives Provided by the 2011 NBA Playoffs


As these remarkable NBA playoffs draw to a close over the next week, let us not forget all of the most memorable moments that have led up to this point. SB Nation editor Tom Ziller has worked his chart-making magic to give you a handy guide so that you have an easy reference chart whenever you feel some excitable utterance of skuvbalon bellowing forth from your lips.

Dirk Nowitzki, Heat, Lead us To Our Inner Expletives | SB Nation

Ziller balances out the mix between stakes and spectacle, and not surprisingly the Thunder make a few appearances on his chart. It is great to see that OKC will have a lasting impression on we who work to remember what the 2011 playoffs are like, but I'm sure you can think of some more moments that are missing. Which Thunder playoff moments would you add?