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OKC Loud Links: New Month, Precious Little Basketball Left

NBA fans, we only have three to five more games left in this remarkable season. What do we have to look forward to? A weak draft, and maybe we lose the game itself. Appreciate what we have. Like these links.

 Nowitzki Walked Into Steel Pole, No Longer Clutch | Ball Don't Lie

 This little throw-away story underscores something a tad more fascinating - have we ever had a league representative such as Dirk who looks so unlike an athlete as he does? If he weren't seven feet tall with an accurate jumper, he could easily be your used record store owner at Championship Vinyl.  

 The Final 7:14 of Game Two, In and Of the World | Negative Dunkalectics

 Fine, fine writing. 

 Mark Madsen Lists His Top 10 Shaq Moments |

 Perennial bench player Mark Madsen, who spent part of his career with the Lakers and as Shaq's teammate, lists his 10 favorite moments involving Shaquille O'Neal.

 Baron Davis Going Back to School | Ball Don't Lie

Long before Baron Davis was his current Cavalier iteration, he was a high flying underclassman for UCLA. Baron has decided to go back to school to finish up his degree.

A Satisfying Narrative | HoopSpeak

Mason writes that we're often so prone to crafting the perfect story for the NBA, using a template from the past/movies/books/songs/whatever, that we often miss what is unfolding right before our very eyes.

Shaq's Place Amongst Best Centers Ever | Behind the Basket

Blott ranks his top six centers of all time, with Shaq making his top three. I personally would probably have him ranked lower than Hakeem Olajuwon, but only if we're talking about what happened exclusively on the court.

Daily Thunder T-Shirts in the News | Daily Thunder

Some of the DT apparrel is making some headlines, which is great for both team and fanbase promotion. If you are interested in these items, you can find the apparel line here at Tree and Leaf Clothing.

NBA Playbook T-Shirts Available | NBA Playbook

If your idea of fashion involves lots of X's and O's, you are in a ton of luck.