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OKC Loud Links: 2011 NBA Draft Results

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The draft pick (Reggie Jackson) has been made. Now, the speculation begins. Also, here are a bevy of draft grades. 

Jackson No Mystery to Thunder | NewsOK

Rohde writes that the Thunder actually did work out Reggie Jackson before he instigated his self-imposed embargo. He does have some injury history, but the team appears to be unconcerned.

Thunder Draft Grade: Somewhere In Between | Daily Thunder

Young writes that the Jackson pick was probably made because GM Sam Presti likes the kid. That's his prerogative, and he has done more than enough to warrant some (a lot)  of deference. However, when Jordan Hamilton was still on the board at #24, did Presti anticipate that it might happen, and if so, were they slow on the draw?

2011 Draft Grades | CBS Sports

Reggie Jackson is a good value pick and gets a B- here. Of course by the fact that he probably won't play, he does not actually render any "value." Much the same as my drafting analysis. 

2011 Draft Grades | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer gives the team a 'B' for taking a 4th guard. He seems convinced that Jackson was promised to be picked by OKC, which contradicts the rumors that he was promised to be picked by Miami. If I cared at all I might be inclined to investigate, but I don't and am more content to hold onto the apocryphal notion that they were just trying to screw with Pat Riley.

Welcome to Draft Diary XV | Grantland

Bill Simmons goes to his tried and true NBA draft diary, and not even he can muster any enthusiasm or snark for last night's draft-snooze. He does not have much to say for OKC's pick, but to be fair, we were almost three hours into this thing at that point. 

Reggie Jackson Selected by Thunder | BC Interruption

Our SB Nation's Boston College site offers their perspective on seeing their former guard Jackson get drafted by OKC. 

More links after the jump.

OK By Reggie Jackson | Boston Herald

I hope that Jackson realizes the great situation in which he's found himself - as a young guy playing for a loaded championship contender that has no visible weaknesses other than youth. Even if he never plays, he'll learn about a winning culture and that will make him valuable somewhere else.

Round 1 Draft Grades | ESPN

Apparently Chad Ford needs to read more of the Oklahoman (see above). 

Thunder Drafts Its Own Mr. October | NewsOK

Here is a theory. Jackson was drafted not to push Russell Westbrook or Eric Maynor, but Thabo Sefolosha. Out of the stable of guards the Thunder have - Westbrook, James Harden, Eric Maynor, and Daequan Cook, Sefolosha is probably the guy to most likely see his minutes erode if other players step up.

Round 1 Draft Grades | CBS Sports

In this CBS Draft Grade, we see OKC awarded with a 'C.' Let's see:

A depth-challenged team using a first-round pick on a position where it actually has a decent backup makes no sense ... unless the rumors of Eric Maynor being on the trade black are true. But is his value high enough to bring back a player who could help a title hopeful? Probably not.

I've re-read this synopsis 10 times and still have no idea whether it is more ignorant or incompetent (OKC had the 2nd best bench in the playoffs after Dallas). Frankly, I'm not even sure I know what the last assertion means.

Twins Get Drafted Back to Back | Ball Don't Lie

In one of the more sincere moments of the draft, Markieff and Marcus Morris, twin brothers, were drafted 13 and 14 by the Suns and Rockets, respectively.  The Suns must have a thing for twins, because a few years back they also selected Robin Lopez, twin brother of Brook Lopez (Nets). 

2011 Draft Observations | Behind the Basket

Blott takes a look at the teams who had the best and worst drafts. For the Thunder, he states that OKC had one of the best non-lottery picks in the draft.

Is Dumars Trying to Move Up in 2012? | Wages of Wins

Pistons GM Joe Dumars seemed to be angling for some current players to chase future picks. I kind of like that strategy.

2011 Draft: All You Need to Know | Basketbawful

Their steal of the night was Jordan Hamilton, who went from a top 15 pick to almost out of the first round.

Jan Vesely, International Love Icon | Ball Don't Lie

Jan Vesely, the Wizards' #6 pick, surprised everyone with a passionate kiss with his girlfriend, whom apparently he has known since elementary school. The moment was actually very sweet, although the Internet being what it is, it immediately spawned a thousand "I hope that's not his sister" jokes.

Draft Night Trade Roundup | Sports Illustrated

Lowe breaks down all of the trades that transpired last night. While there were no huge shifts, there were a lot of smaller moves involved that may help teams like the Rockets get back into the playoffs. 

2011 Draft: Behind the Scenes | Grantland

Ryan goes behind the scenes to get some interesting tidbits of how the production was put together. Interestingly enough, he said that most of the players looked either nervous or bored, which is likely what most of us spectators felt as well. I'm also not sure whether to give him a thumbs up or down for being able to identify Tory Burch apparel. I had to look it up myself.