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The Oklahoma City Thunder Draft Reggie Jackson: Initial Thoughts

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Streeter Lecka

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Despite all of the Eric Maynor trade rumours, the Thunder appear (for now) to have stuck with their rightful pick and selected Reggie Jackson, of Boston College.

Roster-wise, it provides an interesting predicament. Jackson is a smaller guard, and stuck on the border between Point Guard and Shooting Guard. Obviously, Westbrook is not moving as the starting Point Guard, but there has been talk of Maynor falling by the wayside as a backup PG. While he is an excellent change of pace at times, in terms of talent he doesn't offer a whole lot other than good passing and the occasional steal or score. Jackson might be what the Thunder are looking for, in that he can play adequately at Point Guard while still being more of a solid scoring option than Eric Maynor....kind of like our very own Gary Neal.

This signing also could mean dark clouds are in Nate Robinson's future with the Thunder, as Robinson is a dynamic scorer, yet we refuse to utilize him as much more than a victory cigar. With Reggie Jackson coming in at virtually the same position, I seriously doubt he'll be on the team next season.

He could also come in as a Shooting Guard, which casts into doubt the future of Thabo Sefolosha and Daequan Cook. I could see him working in tandem with Sefolosha as an offensive punch, but I seriously doubt there will be room for him and Daequan Cook. Should he pan out relatively well, it's hard to see a lock-down team like the Thunder using such an offensively oriented second team, especially if it means burying Sefolosha on the depth chart.

But, more than anything, this draft signing means that the Thunder will be making a deal in the future, and some changes are afoot. Major changes? Nothing more major than moving around some backups, but they are changes that could change our status from Contender into Champion. We'll have to wait and see, but for now, the future continues to look bright.