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OKC Loud Links: Off-Season News, Views, Tattoos

We're not even two weeks into the off-season and I'm already dying for some decent headlines and intros. Perhaps I'll start a short story, posting two lines per day.

Young takes a look at the players who may either be a reach for the Thunder or sleepers that they could snap up with their #24 pick. If anything, the Thunder have a bigger issue with too many players on their roster, and they may need to select someone who isn't even going to see the court in the next season.

OKC does have a few assets that they can put into play this week, most notably players Byron Mullens and Nate Robinson. The bigger question is whether there are any players that would fit into OKC's long term plan.

The guys at SB Nation's Timberwolves site did a phenomenal job in compiling their draft board. While they write it from a Wolves perspective, it is useful for anyone who is trying to get an idea as to what is going to unfold on Thursday.

If OKC has one future weakness, it is the potential for James Harden to move to the starting line-up, which will leave their bench without a primary scoring option.

TBJ guys begin their countdown of the 100 biggest moments of the past season. First up is 100-86. Just to give you a flavor, #100 involves Andray Blatche's misspelled name on his jersey. Good times.

Slam! Magazine gets some of the best voices in NBA analysis to discuss the upcoming draft. Not suprisingly, Rob Mahoney is present. 

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One of the downsides to winning a championship is that the rest of the league raids your talent. Dallas assistant Dwane Casey is the front-runner for the vacant Raptors job.

These guys continue to do great work in examining the players who will be selected this Thursday. They are not high on some of the guys who will be lottery picks.

Actually, I found this explanation illuminating. Not surprisingly, Gilbert Arenas is involved.

Speaking of Gilbert, Magic fans are coming to the realization that he's going to have to be part of their future, at least in the short term. It is unfortunate that Gil has fallen so far, because it was barely four years ago that he was the toast of town and a legitimate draw for NBA fans.

Trail Blazers Owner Paul Allen is something of an oddity. Actually, he isn't, because all NBA owners are odd in their own special way, which means he is quite mainstream as far as owners go. Even so, this is a good read on the man.

Ricky Rubio, the young talent selected by the Timberwolves but thus far remaining overseas, finally landed in the U.S. He'd better be worth all this trouble.