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OKC Loud Links: Honing in on Draft Day

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So far, we have Nazr Mohammed shamelessly using his kid to stay with the Thunder, Eric Maynor getting the "full sleeve" tattoo, and Kevin Durant doing his best old school Tracy McGrady impression. I can only imagine what Kendrick Perkins is up to.

OKC In Perfect Position to Snag Sleeper | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that in a draft where there is no sure thing, there may be plenty of hidden gems. I'd really like to see OKC take the Spurs approach here - instead of finding the best all-around talent available at #24, it would be better to find a guy who does one thing well and work to get him to do that one thing better than anybody else on the team. The name George Hill comes to mind.

Len Bias 25 Years Later | Sports Illustrated

SI's Jack McCallum writes about his personal and professional experience covering the death of Len Bias. If you're too young to remember the sad story of Bias, there are some links within this article as well that send you back in time to get the full dose of what happened and why.

Five Worst NBA Drafts | Behind the Basket

This is an excellent look down memory lane, although I seem to remember some pretty putrid drafts in the mid-90's. Props to examining the 1986 draft, not for what it could have been, but what it actually was.

Mind Over Media | Grantland

LeBron James and Tracy Morgan have both been getting terrible advice. I'm going to leave it there, lest I throw out some terrible attempt at a joke that backfires completely. Like Tracy.

Draft Success of Every Lottery Team | Behind the Basket

This is a very thorough look at all the lottery teams in the draft and how they will be seeking to fill their needs.

Don't Blink: A Review of the Finals | Wages of Wins

A re-examination of the NBA Finals through the eyes of the WoW guys, with a special salute to Malcolm Gladwell. 

In Finals, Offense Trumped Defense | NewsOK

Tramel writes that it was Dallas' offense, not great defense, that ended up being the difference. So is OKC chasing the wrong path by building a team with Kendrick Perkins? Well, do you remember how bad their defense was before he showed up?

More links after the jump.

Montepasche Siena Uses Staggered Screen | NBA Playbook

How much of a basketball junkie is Sebastian Pruiti? This much. What is great about this analysis is that it is the exact same type of play by which Dallas killed Miami in the Finals.

Thunder Draft Preview | OKC Thunderfans

The Thunderfans do their own draft breakdown, applying what they believe the Thunder need to what might be available on Thursday night. 

Pistons Should Pick Lawrence Frank | Detroit Free

Frank always seems to be the guy who matriculates a step beyond his capabilities, like most people in mid-management. Which is not to say that he isn't a great basketball mind - he is. It's just that sometimes, coaches are best fit in the assistant role rather than as a head coach.

Dwight Howard is Warriors' Fantasy | San Francisco Chronicle

This story can't be true, can it? If it is, then the Mark Jackson era is not getting off to a great start. I know he's got to figure out a way to move Monta Ellis but...really???

Chicago's GM Thinks Rose Will Get Better | Wages of Wins

If Derrick Rose still has upside, then Russell Westbrook most certainly does as well. The key of course is getting each the proper coaching, mentoring, and training to get them to reach their remarkable potential.

John Wall's First Pitch Proves He's Awesome At Things Other Than Baseball | Washington Post

John Wall just made people forget about Mark Mallory and Mariah Carey.