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OKC Loud Links: Draft Day Approaches

Today we're going to undergo a split of sorts in how we handle daily links. For the next 10 days or so, we'll continue to have Loud Links that feature what is going on with the league, players, and the like, but will not include draft-specific stories. For those stories, we're going to feature a separate NBA post that will act as a repository of all the draft links we come across during the day. There won't be any editorial on it; it will just be links to those stories. We want to stay on top of all draft information, but given the sheer magnitude, it would be difficult to do much more than point you in the right direction. Look for that post later in the day.

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace Interview | 3 Shades of Blue

The Memphis Grizzlies blog was able to secure a lengthy interview with Chris Wallace, who has been the Grizzlies' GM for the past five years. This link goes to part 1 of the interview. Part 2 and Part 3 are also available. Wallace is a very candid interview and this is a great job in getting him to talk about the team's past and future.

Your Guide to the 2011 Pick-up Basketball Season | SB Nation

Basketball, like money, never sleeps. Study this guide so that you're ready to roll on the hardwood or the blacktop this off-season.

Blazers Acting GM Discusses Greg Oden | Blazers Edge

As you're probably aware, the Trail Blazers fired Rich Cho, the former Seattle/OKC executive, after less than a season (he is now the GM of the Bobcats). Acting in his place is Chad Buchanan, who is now left to solve the mess that is the Greg Oden contract situation. I personally think the team needs to cut him lose and move on. He's never going to live up to the expectations the team placed on him, so it's best to let him try to forge some semblance of a career where expectations are more realistic.

Musing on the Champs | The Painted Area

Further evidence that Rick Carlisle coached a series for the ages. On top of that, he had some stellar assistant coaching contribution as well.

Celebrating the 1998-99 Mavericks | The Good Point

In which Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash both wish that they had hired a better hair stylist.

Top 5 Mistakes GM's Make on Draft Day | HoopsWorld

"Open air is better than a closed ceiling." - Well put.

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David Thorpe on Ricky Rubio | A Wolf Among Wolves

ESPN's David Thorpe, basketball guru, speaks candidly with the Timberwolves blog about the prospects of Ricky Rubio coming stateside. If I'm a Minnesota fan, my temperature on this guy is tepid at best.

Larry Bird Interview on Rick Carlisle, Dirk Nowitzki | ESPN

Larry Bird gave a wonderful interview (which is a rarity for him) where he talks about his relationship with former teammate Rick Carlisle, the comparisons between him and Dirk Nowitzki, and how the art of trash talking has changed over the years.

Interview With Rick Carlisle | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick actually interviewed Rick Carlisle during the 2010 summer league, and he shares the conversation here. 

How Mavs Swap Style Beat the Heat | ESPN

A look back on how the contrasting styles between Dallas and Miami were intentionally made even greater by Dallas' changing of its attack style mid-stream.

Stay Soft, Dirk Nowitzki | Deadspin

Deadspin continues its resurgence of sorts by actually committing to the craft of good writing. This retrospective on Dirk is another submission.

Mitch Kupchak Interview | ESPN

If you're a Laker fan (and if you are, what are you doing here?) you might find it interesting and somewhat unnerving to hear about how they're trying to make the transition from Phil Jackson to Mike Brown work.

How Mike Brown's Time in San Antonio Will Shape Lakers' Future | NBA Playbook

Pruiti looks at the lessons Brown learned while coaching under Gregg Popovich, and what that influence will mean now that he's going to be coaching Kobe Bryant. No word yet on whether that style will include defending the pick and roll.

Boston Left With Few Options in Front Court | Sports Illustrated

Not only did they trade away Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder, but with Shaq retiring and Nenad Krstic heading overseas, Boston is in a world of trouble with precious little talent up front.

The LeBron Hate Debate | HoopSpeak

In the on-going saga of how much we're supposed to hate LeBron James, here is an interesting debate between two guys who try to put it all into context.

Translating Ricky Rubio | Basketball Prospectus

Can Ricky actually play? That is an excellent question.

Tex Winter Expected to Make Hall of Fame Appearance | Chicago Tribune

Tex Winter, the architect of the famed triangle offense, appears to be in recovering health to the point that he should be able to attend his induction ceremony at the Hall of Fame.

Father's Day | Grantland

Don't forget kids, this weekend is Father's Day.