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OKC Thunder Loud Links: Happy Memorial Day

The playoffs can be set aside for a day like today. I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day holiday and have the opportunity to thank a military serviceman along the way.

Perkins to Work on Silencing Critics | NewsOK

Mayberry writes about Kendrick Perkins' self-assessment and where he needs to go in the off-season. Ridiculously, there are still critics out there that think the Perkins-Jeff Green trade was a mistake. Those people...I don't know...

Jason Kidd: Ridiculous Awesomeness | Hardwood Paroxysm

Would you like to see the magic that Jason Kidd weaves? The fact that many of these plays took place while wearing New Jersey colors only adds to the flavor.

Heat vs Mavericks Preview, Plus a Q&A | Behind the Basket

In which Mr. Gault takes a look at the key breakdowns, and also compares LeBron James to Jake Lloyd.

Who Is Going to Stop Nowitzki? | ESPN

Well, I'd probably guess one of the LeBrons will give it a try most of the time.

What to Make of Rose's MVP? | Hoopspeak

This is a great question to ask - now that Derrick Rose has won the MVP and his young team made the Conference Finals, where exactly can he go from here?

What We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then | Thunderground Radio

Give a listen to the Daily Thunder podcast as they look back upon the season.

Five Years Later, Same Story? | Wages of Wins

Here is a good breakdown on the similarities and differences in these finals between 2006 and now.

Phil Jackson: Continental Philosopher | Negative Dunkalectics

Did you know that Chris Bosh was left handed? Inigo Montoya is shocked as well.

Thunder Season Report Card | NewsOK

Tramel assigns his letter grades to various aspects of the team and its performance.

Mark Cuban Hits Self-Mute Button | ESPN

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been surprisingly quiet these playoffs, both through the media and on his blog. I personally think a little Cuban goes a long way, but hopefully he realized that sometimes his venting becomes detrimental to the team's goals.