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OKC Thunder Loud Links: What Waits in OKC Arena

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I am very eager to see how Dallas comes out tonight when the ball tips off in OKC. They claimed that they were not ready for the Thunder's level of physicality in Game Two and as a result were caught unprepared. Well, they're prepared now. Do they have that aggressive gear to resort to?

A Little Mean Streak Can Be Good For Thunder | NewsOK

Aggression is a dangerous thing, much like the Incredible Hulk. But I think Kendrick Perkins is right:

"I don't think being nice is getting you where you need to go." - Kendrick Perkins

Two Guys Talking About Westbrook | Daily Thunder

This conversation is a pretty good run-down on the two sides of the coin that is Westbrook. Best not forget these - 2nd team All-NBA, point guard for 55 win team in Western Conference Finals.

Westbrook: Good Outweighs the Bad | NewsOK

Russell Westbrook's teammates come to his defense. Including Perkins. You'd best not mess with him.

Charles Barkley Opens Up | SB Nation

This is a great grab from Bill Simmons' latest podcast. Charles Barkley, the most confident and gregarious one, talks about his coming face to face with his own mortality. Lester Bangs is snickering somewhere.

A Guide to NBA Players' Music |

Rest assured, if an athlete is about to make an album, you know it will be bad. This ShamSports post is as lengthy, thorough, and entertaining as all the rest. Also be on the alert for a stellar video footage of Baron Davis cruising around in roller skates.

A Modest Suggestion To Speed Up the Game | ESPN

Henry Abbott talks about what happens when the whistles blow and play stops for a time out. Fortunately, it does not involve the eating of infants.

Where Have All the Big Men Gone | NY Times

The Off the Dribble guys write about the dearth of classic post big men in the playoffs. Indeed, the biggest guys now like to play on the perimeter. 

LeBron James Championship Worth $4 Billion? | CBS Sports

LeBron James, post-Decision, still is printing money around the world.