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Sonicsgate Filmmakers Trolling the Thunder in Denver

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The Sonicsgate filmmakers and other former Sonics fans continue to petition the NBA to bring back their team. Recently, they invaded a Howard Schultz book signing, got on local TV to discuss Clay Bennett heading the Kings' relocation committee, and went on Outside the Lines to discuss the Kings' situation.

I'm not too opinionated on this issue. I can see why the Sonics fans were rooting against Oklahoma City and hassling Clay Bennett in the stands, but wanting to do the same thing and rip another team from another city is just hypocritical. You talk about how all of the things Seattle did to try to keep the franchise in your city, and now you just want to create another situation for fans in another city.

Obviously, it seems unfair for me to comment on this issue, especially since I'm reaping the benefits of Seattle losing a team. But as we all know, an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. And historic franchises should not cite a couple of terrible seasons and use it as an excuse for leaving the city. I wouldn't mind seeing a city like New Orleans or Memphis lose their team, because they can't fill the arena even when they have a winning product. But going for teams like the Bucks, Suns, and Timberwolves? Come on.

But, I might just be splitting hairs. Regardless, I wish the best of luck to Jason Reid and the Sonicsgate team in bringing basketball back to Seattle.