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OKC Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks: The Regular Season

Here is a quick synopsis of how the Thunder squared against the Dallas Mavericks this season. 

Game 1: Mavericks 111, Thunder 103

  • A 4th quarter collapse. Thunder lost six point 4th quarter lead and trailed by as many as 14 late.
  • Inability to guard Dirk Nowitzki in the post.
  • Despite some late misses, Kevin Durant scored 32 points and did not seem to have too much trouble generating offense.

Game 2: Mavericks 103, Thunder 93

  • Dirk injured early, leaving the Mavs without 25% of their offense. They still won.
  • Another 4th quarter collapse.
  • Offensive strategy late in the game was a mess; no sense of purpose.
  • Early signs from James Harden, scoring 18.

Game 3: Thunder 99, Mavericks 95

  • Mavs lose Caron Butler for the season.
  • Despite missing almost half of their offense, Mavs led most of the way.
  • Psychological hurdle of beating the Mavs accomplished.