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Kevin Durant: What Is In His Backpack?


In the past we've asked the first obvious question about Kevin Durant and his magical backpack - 

Why Is Durant Wearing a Backpack?

Now, due to the super-sleuthing of SB Nation's Tom Ziller (hey, a Kings fan as to do something to stay busy in the post-season), we have a better understanding of what is in said backpack.

Durant Reveals Contents of Backpack, Ending Greatest Mystery Since Final "Sopranos" Episode | SB Nation

The interesting thing to me is not just what is in the backpack, it is the fact that Durant is wearing that thing as if he were still in elementary school. As if some bigger kid (bigger?) were going to try to snatch it from him, so he buckles it as tightly as he can.

The boys at TNT were curious as well, so they managed to get Durant to reveal at least part of the contents:

Durant Reveals Contents of Backpack |

Charles will likely be wanting to see some evidence of those Krispy Kremes, I think.