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The Washington Wizards Have New Uniforms

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Via CBS Sports:


The Washington Wizards have unveiled new uniforms. The good news is that we FINALLY got rid of a blue team, something which the NBA has far too much of. The bad news is that we now have a team whose jerseys look exactly like the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers.

Honestly, when people look back on the uniform styles of the early 2010's, they're going to see it as a time where originality wasn't welcome. NBA teams are flocking to the ever popular blue, red, and white while other colours and uniform designs are falling by the wayside. Sure, the Wizards uniforms looked extremely cartoonish and 90s, but at least they were something different. Now, when I watch the Wizards play the 76ers or Clippers, I'm going to have a hard time deciphering who is on what team.

But, despite my cantankerous ways and love of the 90s, there are some things to like about this uniform. The font on the jerseys is very similar to that of the Washington Capitals, giving DC more of a uniform identity with their teams, much as Seattle has with the light green Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders. It's also no coincidence that the Capitals are also owned by Ted Leonisis. The uniforms are also a throwback to the 80s, when the Washington Bullets had a similar uniform.


The Wizards also have a new logo but, but it's just a Microsoft paint fill-in of their old logo. Other alternate logos, however, are a clear throwback to the Bullets days. It creates a bit of an interesting dilemma. The team is still named the Wizards, and their logo reflects that. But everything else about the team, from the font to the uniforms to the alternate logos is very Bullets. My guess is they only use the primary logo when they have to, and use just text whenever else they can, much like the Warriors did before this years re-design.

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