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NBA Power Rankings, Week 23: I Have The Power!

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Surprisingly, this week's pro rankers were more kind to the Thunder than I might have been. I know it's rather arbitrary to slide a team up and down based on a week of play, but if you watched either of the two games the Thunder lost this past week, I think that the sentiment would be, "there is something wrong here." We shall soon find out if the lack of motivation was a blip or something more fundamental tonight. There is no doubt the Nuggets will be coming at the Thunder hard.

From Around the League:

SB Nation 7 (9) Ziller finally bumped the Thunder up a couple notches, but for the first time I can't complain that he has the Nuggets ranked higher. They're the team that is playing better right now, even with last night's win considered.
ESPN - Hollinger 7 (9) Holding steady; I doubt we'll see much movement from here on out.
ESPN - Stein 9 (8) Momentum shifts are an amazing thing. From a great March to a terrible April. 6 (4) Who would have thought the Thunder offense would be struggling so much at this point in the season?
Sports Illustrated 5 (3) The defensive realignment has placed a greater burden on Durant, Westbrook, and Harden to produce.
ProBasketballTalk 4 (4) Serge Ibaka coming on strong.
Hoopsworld 4 (3) The #4 seed, once thought to be a lock, is now in question.
Behind the Basket 8 (5) Back to back losses show how tenuous it is to have a dominant team these days. Or perhaps there is greater parity than some naysayers might think.
FoxSports 5 (4) Half-court set remains a problem.
Covers 5 (7) Will the Thunder rest now that they're officially in the playoffs?
CBS Sports 9 (9) The Thunder: a candidate for one of the six most disappointing teams this season? On pace for 54 wins, two All-Stars, the best trade of the year, and the Northwest Division champ? Really???

Rankings updated when available