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OKC Thunder Semi-Finals: Schedule Scenarios, and Who You Would Like to See Them Play

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The Thunder, finished up their first round on Wednesday and currently there is only one series still going on. It so happens to be the one series that determines the Thunder's next opponent. Tonight, the Grizzlies will be traveling to Spurs Country to play their Game Six.

The NBA has released the scheduling scenarios based on potential outcomes:

Schedule Scenarios for OKC's Second Round Playoff Series | NewsOK

Here is what you need to know in a nutshell:

  • Grizz win tonight - OKC has home court advantage, and the series starts on Sunday.
  • Spurs win tonight - their Game Seven is on Sunday, and the next round starts Tuesday.
  • If the Spurs win the series, Spurs have home court advantage.
This is how the regular season series for each team went:
vs Spurs

Date Score Win/Loss
November 14 117-104 Loss
January 1 104-74 Loss
February 23 109-105 Loss

vs Grizzlies

Date Score Win/Loss
January 4 110-105 Loss
January 8 109-100 Win
February 8 105-101 Loss
March 7 107-101 Loss

Additional Comments:

  • ALL of these games were played before Kendrick Perkins suited up for the first time (the 3/7 game was post-trade but Perkins was still injured at the time)
  • OKC Defense yielded an average of 107 points per game.
  • The January 1st game was the last time the Thunder played a game where they were not competitive.
  • The thought early on was that the Thunder simply could not match up on the inside against either of these teams. And yet, the Thunder matched up very well both in their interior defense as well as in their rebounding. What hurt OKC the most against San Antonio was in their failure to guard against the 3-point shot. Against Memphis, a defensive team, they could not match up as well offensively.