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Kevin Durant: Prince of the Tweets

You've heard of the Q-Score, right? Well now there is apparently such a thing as a Klaut Rating. Darren Rovell at CNBC decided to see how athletes comparatively stack up when it comes to their influence via social media.

Most Influential Athletes in Social Media | CNBC

Says Rovell:

"I then typed their Twitter addresses into, a company that measures influence by rating a specific person from 1 to 100 using over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter. The score takes into account how much people listen to the personality's messages and how often those messages lead to further action by those that follow them.

We've been trained to rank people based on their number of followers or numbers of fans on facebook, but numbers don't necessarily mean that an athlete is good at interacting. That's what this list tells us."

Lo and behold, the Thunder's very own Kevin Durant cracks the top five. LeBron James comes in first amongst hoopsters for obvious reasons. Lamar Odom's tweets have gained notoriety likely due to his marriage to one of the Kardashians. But there is young Kevin at #5. As we know, he famously tweeted his contract extension, which drew recognition and praise across the league for its contrasting styles in the shadow of James' "Decision." He also frequently engages with fans, and releases details about his new sneakers.

Although his intentional low-key exposure has not come without some bumps and push-back, it is a bold way to market one's self and connect to the fanbase.