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Zorgon on To Discuss Kendrick Perkins Goaltending Non-Call, Rest of Thunder-Nuggets Series

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Yo guys! This post is just to showcase another interview I did with Tyler Pyburn of The Sports Buzz on In short, I discuss Kendrick Perkins' Goaltending Non-Call, The Thunder-Nuggets Series, and what's next for the Thunder.

Many thanks to the guys over at for having me on again!

Fun behind the scenes facts: 

I barely got to my location on time, and it had to be around a 40 degree wind chill outside. I forgot to bring a jacket, so I was shivering throughout the interview. I hope I set a record for the coldest interview ever done on ThePulseNetwork or something, heh.

A train rolled in about halfway through the interview. I thought I was far enough away from the tracks for it not to cause a distraction, but it was extremely loud. It's kind of like one of those sitcom situations that you think will never happen to you until it actually does.