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Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl Comments on OKC Thunder

Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl spoke with Dan Patrick in a radio interview about a few of the things his Nuggets team has faced this year.

George Karl Talks Carmelo, Thunder, Playoffs With Dan Patrick |

I've excerpted a few of his choice quotes regarding the Thunder. Be sure to read the whole thing.

How important is Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder?

"Well I think he's very important against us because he's always going to be patrolling the paint and [Nick] Collison kind of does it in a different way. Perkins is with his shot blocking and his big body. Collison takes charges. No one is even talking about [Serge] Ibaka and [Nazr] Mohammed...I think Perkins is kind of teaching these guys how important it is that you don't let anyone to the rim.

..You have Perkins who does it with his physical presence, than you got Ibaka who's long and athletic, and Collison comes in there and takes charges. They protect the paint and we like getting to the rim as much as any team in the league and I think how we move them around and try to keep them away from protecting the basket is going to be really important in the series."Did you realize that Kevin Durant would be anywhere near this kind of player that he is now coming out of college?

Did you realize that Kevin Durant would be anywhere near this kind of player that he is coming out of college?

"I liked him. I do remember saying that I would take [Kevin] Durant over [Greg] Oden and I knew that, but that's basically probably because I like 6'10" athletes more than I like big, seven-foot, you know what do they call them? Big carriers? Air craft carriers? I prefer the runner and the jumper and the athlete. I could have never expected him to be this good of a scorer."