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NBA Power Rankings, Week 24: I Have the Power!

The Thunder are finishing up the regular season strong, having now won five games in a row. The feeling we have now is much better than about a week back, when the Thunder were coming off of back to back losses to the Trail Blazers and Clippers and looked pretty bad in doing it. Since then, the Nuggets and Lakers have been put on notice that OKC has the pieces it needs to contend. Now it's just a matter of getting it done when the stakes are highest.

One last note - since the regular season ends this week, This edition of the Power Rankings will be the final one of the season as we head into the playoffs.

From Around the League:

SB Nation n/a (7) n/a
ESPN - Hollinger 6 (7) With a final push, OKC moves up in Hollinger's rankings. I knew he'd come around.
ESPN - Stein 5 (9) Next on the agenda - how will the Thunder handle being the favorites? 4 (6) Last four losses only by a combined 21 points. Even their two bad losses were winnable.
Sports Illustrated n/a (5) Robson doesn't rank the teams, but rather hands out his grades for the year. Scott Brooks gets an apple.
ProBasketballTalk 3 (4) The team is collectively scowling.
Hoopsworld 2 (4) Thunder are likely locked into the 4 seed, which will make their road difficult.
Behind the Basket 4 (8) Hot now, but for how long?
FoxSports 2 (5) Seriously. Why not?
Covers 5 (7) Will the Thunder rest now that they're officially in the playoffs?
CBS Sports n/a (9) n/a

Rankings updated when available