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Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Sacramento Kings; 2010-2011 Game 81 Preview; Trying to Finish Perfect, Hoping the Kings Won't Move

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This also counts as an open thread, so feel free to post your thoughts during the game here.

Records: The Oklahoma City Thunder (54-26) vs. The Sacramento Kings (24-56)

Time: 7:00 PM Central Standard Time

Place: The Power Balance Pavilion, Sacramento, California

TV: Fox Sports Net Oklahoma, Comcast Sports Net California

Radio: WWLS The Sports Animal (98.1), KHTK 1140 AM

Enemy Blog(s): Sactown Royalty

Previous Meeting(s): Dec. 17th, Feb. 12th, Feb. 16th (Thunder Lead Season Series 3-0)

There's no real exciting way of putting this headline. This could very well be an exciting game, with the Kings playing at a a high offensive pace. But, unless the Thunder lose, this game doesn't really mean a whole lot for either team. In fact, the Kings are tied with New Jersey for the fourth spot in the Lottery right now, so I wouldn't be surprised if some Kings fans wanted their beloved team to lose.

But, I probably won't be seeing a whole lot of the first half of this game, either. Why? I'll be keeping a closer eye on the other matchups going on tonight. Namely, I'll be hoping the Houston Rockets can take down the Mavericks, sealing the Thunder into third place. Also, I'll be cheering on the Trail Blazers in their quest against the Memphis Grizzlies, who I don't want the Thunder to face in the NBA Playoffs. Why? They've been tough cookies for the Thunder all year, and their inside-focused offense has killed both incarnations of our front line. (For Further Playoff Seeding Details, look here.)

Regardless, as long as the Thunder stay focused and take care of business, they shouldn't have any problems with the Kings. But, what you don't know about the Kings is that they are in the midst of a potential move to Anaheim, California. It might seem hypocritical for me to throw my support behind this movement, since I did benefit from the SuperSonics moving to Oklahoma City. But let me make this clear. I did support an expansion franchise coming to Oklahoma City. But I did not support a Oklahoma City ownership group buying out a team and stealing it. The Thunder management have been nothing but excellent to me and the State of Oklahoma, and the team's presence here has brought me nothing but good fortune. But I'll be the first to come out and say that taking the Sonics was wrong.

The Kings are an entirely different situation though. It is the current owners trying to move the franchise to a city that, let's be honest, already has two NBA teams. They are doing it with one of the NBA's most well-traveled franchises (the Kings have had stops in Rochester, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Omaha), but Sacramento fans have proved that they can show up when their team is worth showing up for. It's not a situation of apathetic fans, like that in Atlanta, Charlotte, or even Memphis. This is a case of a city getting unfairly robbed of a team because management can't run them properly, like what happened in Seattle. So, however meaningless it may be, I support you, Kings fans. Keep your team, so we don't have two Clippers in the NBA!

Prediction: Oklahoma City 116, Sacramento 107