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Loud Links 4|10|11

Hey hey, it's Laker day. Tonight will be the last big test for the Thunder. It should be a taut affair, and the barbs are already being thrown.

Pau Gasol Responding to Kendrick Perkins | NewsOK

Kendrick Perkins has had some not-so-kind things to say about the Lakers' center. Pau Gasol responds.

Daequan Cook Adopts Family After Tragedy | NewsOK

Here is another great account of a Thunder player reaching out to those who need help.

Desmond Mason Thrives as Artist | ESPN

Desmond Mason, former NBA player and current Oklahoma City resident, has found his post-NBA calling. This is a pretty cool story; according to the reporting, Mason has sold out his last five art shows.

The Derrick Rose Post | Hardwood Paroxysm

The Hardwood guys weigh in on where they think Derrick Rose fits in the pantheon of great players this season.

Basketball Culture 101: The Last Season That Wasn't | Hoopspeak

This is an excellent piece on the historical impact of the inspiration of Lakers coach Phil Jackson and his book about the Lakers as they self-combusted after the 2003 season. Well worth your time.

Why the Thunder Signed Robert Vaden | NewsOK

We highlighted the signing of Robert Vaden by the Thunder to fill out their roster spot. Mayberry weighs in on why they made this move.