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NBA Power Rankings, Week 22: I Have the Power!

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The Thunder continue their roll through the subterranean teams of the league, checking in with a 11-2 record for the month of March. The Raptors loss still stings, but a convincing win against the Trail Blazers soothes the wounds slightly and the Thunder avoided a let-down loss to the Warriors. Hold fast, because the next few weeks to close out the season will be an excellent test in the team's day-to-day focus. The team is assured of a playoff spot, but now they have to prove that every game matters, no matter what the situation is.

SB Nation 9 (9) Ziller still has the Thunder behind the Nuggets, but is intrigued by a Nene vs Perkins 1st round match-up.
ESPN - Hollinger 9 (9) Margin of victory is almost 4 per game, growing, but still less than everyone in front of the Thunder.
ESPN - Stein 8 (7) 11-2 in March is nice, but largely unnoticed is the dip in Kevin Durant's scoring average, down to 25.1. 4 (4) Kendrick Perkins has contributed mightily on defense, but the Thunder need to keep him off the FT line.
Sports Illustrated 3 (5) Robson notes that Thunder D has steadily improved: they have pulled opponents' scoring down to 95 per in March.
ProBasketballTalk 4 (6) Perkins making plays that win games.
Hoopsworld 3 (5) Strong record, but four away games coming up.
Behind the Basket 5 (6) Three back-to-backs in a row to test Thunder's stamina.
FoxSports 4 (6) Team is maturing on the fly.
Covers 5 (7) Will the Thunder rest now that they're officially in the playoffs?
CBS Sports 9 (9) A question is arising whether Kevin Durant is running out of gas. 

Rankings updated when available