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Loud Links 3|28|11

Last night's win felt like a playoff win. I'm not sure what the Thunder's next game is going to feel like.

This Night, Westbrook Was the Man | NewsOK

Mayberry writes about how Russell Westbrook stepped up to close out the Trail Blazers when Kevin Durant was struggling with his offense. I think people are looking for see if there is some sense of discord between the two stars.

Playoffs? Playoffs. | Daily Thunder

Young notes that Kevin Durant shot 3-10 from the 3-point line, and only had 18 total shots. He shot more from beyond the arc than within. We've noted this before, but if KD turns himself into little more than a highly paid version of Daequan Cook on offense, the team is going to struggle.

Thunder 99, Blazers 90 | BlazersEdge

SB Nation's Blazer blog offers its summarization of last night's game. He does a great job breaking down when the momentum shifted and where the Blazers continue to struggle. 

Perkins: I Probably Made OKC Better | Hoopsworld

As elusive as team chemistry is, we do know one thing, and that is that analysts and prognosticators will never for a moment stop looking for whether it is working. So far, the both the idea and the man Kendrick Perkins are working extremely well.

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James Harden Kickin' It | Sports Illustrated

Lowe calls out Harden for becoming one of the more notorious leg-kickers on 3-point attempts, where he kicks out his leg to try and get the cheap foul called. Count me among those who think it's a bad idea to build on. It earns negative reputation around the league, but more importantly, if you're thinking about the leg kick, then you're not thinking about making the shot.

Blazers' Right Starting Lineup Reveals Itself in Loss to Thunder |

As incredible as Gerald Wallace was last night, it was also an important reminder that team building is about the right mix as well as the right people. The Blazers still have a little bit of time to figure out how best to use Wallace.

Bids for Kids Auction to Help OKC Foster Kids | NewsOK

Bids for Kids, an auction sponsored by Citizens Caring for Children, will be featuring a variety of auctions which include OKC memorabilia.