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Loud Links 3|27|11

The Lazy Sunday edition.

The Kindness of Kevin Durant | NewsOK

Mayberry brings forth a great profile that further reveals the good nature of Kevin Durant.

"I like to see people smiling."

Traded: One Month Later | Hoopsworld

Here is a run-down on the mid-season trades and how they are playing out.

Poor Defensive Strategy Leads to Blazers' Game-Winning Lob | NBA Playbook

The Trail Blazers just beat the Spurs on a well-designed lob play with less than a second remaining. At work in this play was equal parts design and the ability to catch the Spurs off-guard.

Dreaded First Round Opponents Await | Hoopsworld

Here is a look at the lesser but eager teams that are looking for the upset this year.

Byron Mullins Recalled | The Republic

The Thunder have recalled Byron Mullins from the Tulsa 66ers for tonight's game against the Blazers.

Blazers Stretch Run | Oregon Live

The Blazers are looking at a crucial final 10 games which will speak volumes of where they will seed in the playoffs.