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Loud Links 3|25|11

The Thunder continue their march against the Northwest tonight as the Minnesota Timberwolves come to town. As noted yesterday, the team will be without Kevin Love, so the on thing that hurt the Thunder early on (rebounding) will likely not hurt them as badly tonight. It will be another good game about whether the team can focus on the task at hand.

Thabo Sefolosha's Defensive Play Has Made Impression on Perkins | NewsOK

Not only has Kendrick Perkins begun to bond with Serge Ibaka, but Thabo Sefolosha's play has impressed him as well.

"Since I've been playing with him, I've noticed what he brings...He takes a lot of pressure off his teammates. That's key when you got a guy like that who you don't have to help as much on. And he's guarding the best wing man every night. That's also taking a lot of pressure off Kevin Durant" - Perkins on Sefolosha

The OKC Bash Brothers: Perk and Air Congo | Daily Thunder

Young writes about the growing relationship between the wise old sage (he's 26) and the young stud. All of the earlier talk about the Thunder's need to go out and find a true power forward seems kind of silly now.

The NBA Will Expose You: Tom Scharpling and the Lessons of Basketball

You may not know who Tom Scharpling is now, but I'm pretty sure you'll like him by the time you're done with this piece. Excellent read.

How the Jazz Get Paul Millsap the Ball | SB Nation

Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook makes his way over to SB Nation for a spell to chart out some details on how Utah makes the Millsap equation work. The Thunder actually did a pretty good job defending him on Wednesday (instead they let Al Jefferson get going big) and the NBA likely won't have to worry about this in the playoffs. Even so, it's still interesting to see a genuine post player work.

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Jon Brockman Shows Off His Trick Shots | Ball Don't Lie

Seems like the web is awash with amazing trick shots. Here are a few more.

Denver Beats Double-Team With Ball Movement | NBA Playbook

Since it looks more and more like the Nuggets will be the Thunder's first round opponent, it's probably a good idea to start scouting them now. One thing that they're doing better now than earlier in the season is swinging the ball in and out of the post to set up their perimeter shooters. Here is an excellent breakdown that is both simple and disciplined.

Wolves Have No Love | NewsOK

Kevin Love will not be in attendance tonight.