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Loud Links 3|2|11

The Thunder return to action tonight in OKC. The Indiana Pacers are coming to town. If you don't recall their previous encounter, it was an entertaining one that went into overtime. I would like to think that the Thunder are in a better place today than they were earlier in the season, but with three consecutive losses on their record, it is still apparent that the team has a ways to go. Hopefully tonight will be a corrective step. The crowd will be waiting.

Perkins Already Loves OKC | NewsOK

Some efforts are done purely for show (The Redskins' owner Dan Snyder comes to mind) and some efforts are done because they are a byproduct of a franchise's nature. It appears that Kendrick Perkins was willing to adopt the new team because of the noble character of the franchise. 

Celtics Warming to Newcomers | Boston Herald

Here's a peek at how Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic are doing so far in their new digs. It looks like the Celtic Ubuntu has drawn them into the fold nicely. Says Kevin Garnett, "So far, so good."

The Rising Phoenix: Serge Ibaka | Edge Magazine

If you've followed Serge Ibaka's Twitter feed for any length of time, you know that the man is sculpted like a classic Greek statue. Apparently next on his to-do list is modeling, which you can see here along with a nice little profile on the man. At least he didn't go with the white hoodie.

Does Jeff Green Regret Not Signing? | NewsOK

Tramel examines one of the preliminary steps that made last week's trade possible - what if Jeff Green had accepted the extension then offered? Green might have then been set and been happy, but I doubt the progress of the season would have changed. The Thunder still would have been soft in the middle and stuck behind the Lakers/Mavericks/Spurs. I think he still would have been traded, but not to the Celtics.

Was OKC Premature in Perkins Signing? | Bleacher Report

This was the primary risk in signing Perkins to an extension before he's played a single minute. However, medical advancements have come so far these days that I think the visceral image of a major injury by far outweighs its actual impact. Unless a player is injury prone, most injuries these days are merely bumps in the road.

It Could Have Been Yours, KC | Examiner

This writer sees similarities between OKC and Kansas City, and believes that KC could support an NBA franchise. I think this sentiment is probably true as long as the team is willing to approach the game the way OKC has. The alternative is the Charlotte Bobcats who, a year removed from a playoff appearance, seem to be stuck in the mud.

Nazr Mohammed Behind on Episodes of Gossip Girl | Twitter

Maybe. He's missing his DVR at least. I'm sure OKC has a BestBuy somewhere.