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NBA Power Rankings, Week 18: I Have the Power!

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The Thunder have hit a rough patch as of late. We knew that coming out of the All-Star break they were facing a formidable challenge of Spurs-Magic-Lakers. Originally I had thought that, best case scenario, they could go 2-1, or reasonably, 1-2. I didn't anticipate the big trades, or what impact it would have. As a result, the Thunder are on their first three game skid and playing a decent but flawed Pacers team tonight.

From Around the NBA:

SB Nation 9 (10) A big question for this season will be how Kendrick Perkins gets integrated into the Thunder offense.
ESPN - Hollinger 9 (9) Remaining at 9, the Thunder are looking to do a better job against the upcoming weaker opposition.
ESPN - Stein 8 (8) Thunder went from being the team of the future to the team of the present. 8 (6) The Thunder could really have used the inside presence in their last two losses.
CBS Sports 11 (8) A rare comment that the Perkins deal was a panic move. I respect the opinion, but I don't think it is based on the full reality of the situation.
ProBasketballTalk 8 (8) The trade of the deadline still on deck to see if it propels the team to where it wants to go.
Hoopsworld 8 (7) Thunder looking very short-handed at this time.
Behind the Basket 9 (9) Less than enthused about the Perkins upgrade; the problem is that they still should have beaten the Spurs and Lakers; the reasons they lost weren't because of inside play.
FoxSports 7 (6) Remain focused on May, not March. This is important, because it is likely that the Thunder will be taking steps backward before they can go forward.
SportsIllustrated 10 (8) This season's success revolves around the health of Perkins and Durant/Wesetbrook's willingness to see the game through defensive eyes.
Covers 9 (8) Thunder struggling with the changes now; should get better soon.

Rankings updated when available