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Loud Links 3|19|11

Here are a smattering of links for you to consider as you scarf down your Cocoa Puffs.

Thunder Tame Bobcats, Win Sixth Straight | NewsOK

Mayberry's post game nuggets.

Thunder Surge Past Bobcats | Daily Thunder

Young offers his post-game thoughts. He remarks on how the defense for a brief surge became completely unpenetrable.

Using Math to Determine NBA Ball Hogs | Wall Street Journal

WSJ finally catches up to what amateurs have been working on for years.

Thunder Defeat Bobcats | NewsOK

Mayberry's deadline story of the win.

Does Perk Make Thunder Mean Enough to Win Title? | Daily Thunder

The league perception of the Thunder is that of a bunch of nice guys. Does this work in their favor or to their detriment?

Blazers Lead League in Ally-Oops | Oregonian

The combo of Westbrook, Durant, Ibaka, and Harden have a nice thing going, but they don't quite measure up to the Trail Blazers.

Derrick Rose's Momentum Pushing Him Toward History |

A look at Derrick Rose's NBA aspirations and its place in history.