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OKC Thunder Players on the New Fab Five Documentary

Over the weekend, ESPN aired a documentary on what has become known, really from its inception, as the "Fab Five." If you're new to the game, this group of five young men - Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson - played a profound role in altering the athletic landscape for college sports.

Michigan's Fab Five in their Own Words | ESPN

I have yet to watch the documentary so I cannot comment on it fully (though I hope to do so soon), but little bits and pieces of feedback have made their way into the mainstream. In fact, Wizards reporter Rashad Mobley had a chance, before Monday's game, to ask some of the Thunder players if they had seen it. Here are a portion of their responses, but be sure to click over to the web site to get the full context of both the questions and answers.

OKC Thunder Players React to Michigan Fab Five Documentary | Truth About It

The best part about it to me was that they were family. They stuck behind each other when Webber called the timeout, when folks criticized their game and their coach through all that. That’s a lesson that can be applied on the professional level. You stand behind your team, your coach, your brothers no matter what. That’s family, that’s love, and I admired that. - Kevin Durant

They definitely influenced me once I got to Ohio State, because I wanted to play with guys that I knew or felt comfortable playing with. And once I got there I had the opportunity to do that. - Daequan Cook

I never realized until last night how much confidence they had, given how young they were. I mean, I’m a young guy and I get my confidence shaken nightly, and I struggle with that. That wasn’t a problem for them. - Cole Aldrich