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NBA Power Rankings, Week 20: I Have the Power!

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The Thunder have just finished off a four game stretch of playing some of the worst teams in the league at a time when those teams are least likely to play hard. The Thunder are still looking for a few more season-significant wins, and a win against the Heat tonight would be a great place to get it. Also, the Denver Nuggets are hot on their trail, currently only four games back for the division lead. The Thunder must continue their winning ways if they want to hold onto the 4-seed.

From Around the NBA:

SB Nation 9 (8) Thunder find themselves trailing the Nuggets in the rankings. Are the Nuggets for real, or will they fall back to earth?
ESPN - Hollinger 8 (9) Thunder finally surging a bit with four dominant wins.
ESPN - Stein 7 (7) James Harden earning some notice as a sixth man, averaging 17.6 since the Jeff Green trade. 6 (7) Harden not only scoring well but adding a lot of other elements while taking away very little.
CBS Sports 8 (12) Recent success puts Westbrook in high assist company.
ProBasketballTalk 7 (7) More Haren praise - he's shooting over 50%, easily making up for the loss of Green.
Hoopsworld 6 (7) Perkins' first real test comes tonight.
Behind the Basket 10 (9) Still not believers, anticipating a Thunder loss to Heat tonight.
FoxSports 7 (9) Thunder should still win the division.
SportsIllustrated 6 (8) Big difference is that players are playing in position, something which previously Green and Serge Ibaka were not able to do.
Covers 7 (9) Thunder rounding into their full potential.

Rankings updated when available