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Knicks and Corey Brewer Negotiate Buyout

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Even though the trade deadline has passed, we are now witnessing the flourish of the residual aftermath, as players such as Corey Brewer and Troy Murphy are having their remaining contracts bought out in order to allow them to sign with other teams.

Knicks Release Corey Brewer? | Yahoo! Sports

I'm not really big on reporting rumors, but according to this story the Thunder may be in the running for Mr. Brewer's services. The Thunder still have a small chunk of salary cap space this season with a little more than $3 million with which to play.

Brewer is a long and athletic player who can contribute at either the two or three position. He is an excellent defensive player of the kind that contending teams search. Would he be a good fit for the Thunder, backing up Kevin Durant?

  • Brewer is a poor shooter, with his shooting percentage hovering around 40% for his career.
  • Despite being 6'9", he's never averaged four rebounds per game.
  • Brewer is considered a good on-the-ball defensive player, but according to 82games there is no difference in the team's defensive performance regardless of whether he is on the court or not.
  • Currently, the team's second unit features James Harden, Eric Maynor, and Daequan Cook, and Nick Collison. Harden, Maynor, and Cook will be the primary source of offense; is that enough to carry the unit? I would guess that the second unit could use more offense, not defense.
The Thunder may see their needs differently from me, but on first glance, I'd probably argue that while Brewer looks enticing due to his size and athleticism, he doesn't really offer what the Thunder need at this point, which is an offensive player to fill Kevin Durant's role while Durant is on the bench.