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Kendrick Perkins and Thunder Reach Agreement for Contract Extension

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Kendrick Perkins has signed an extension with the OKC Thunder. While details of the deal are at this time unknown, we do know that Perkins was eligible for a four year extension.

Perkins Inks Extension With Thunder | NewsOK

He had turned down a four year, $22 million deal that the Celtics offered, and we know that he was looking for something around double that. Using our math skills and knowledge of Thunder GM Sam Presti, his yearly number will probably fall right about in the middle of that interval, perhaps in the $7 million to $8 million range. 

"We had a unique opportunity to enter into discussions with Kendrick to solidify his future with our organization. We are pleased to know that he will be a part of our core group now and in the future. Kendrick's blue-collar, team-first approach aligns with the vision we hold for building a sustainable team in the Oklahoma City community." - GM Sam Presti

The pieces are falling into place. The next player to get consideration will be Russell Westbrook in two years, and then James Harden the year after that. If all goes according to plan, we could be looking at the core of this team remaining together for the better part of a decade. Well done.