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NBA Power Rankings, Week 15: I Have the Power!

The Thunder responded from their bitter loss to the Heat by taking three in a row from the Hornets, Suns, and Jazz, three teams that will all be competing for playoff spots. If only they had not blown it against the Grizzlies, the Thunder might have found a way to match last year's nine game win streak around the same point in the season.

From Around the NBA:

SB Nation 9 (10) Thunder charging, but Westbrook hot and cold.
ESPN - Hollinger 9 (9) Avg. scoring margin still rising.
ESPN - Stein 7 (9) Perspective - Thunder were 12-38 a mere two seasons ago at 50 game mark. 7 (9) On an offensive tear - nearly 123 points per 100 possessions.
CBS Sports 7 (8) Soft schedule paves the way to All-Star break.
ProBasketballTalk 7 (9) Knocking on the big boys' door again.
Hoopsworld 6 (9) Back to back wins gives the Thunder a bump.
Behind the Basket 6 (8) Big win in avenging the loss to the Hornets.
FoxSports 7 (9) Close losses to elites may haunt the Thunder but also prove to be valuable lessons.
SportsIllustrated 7 (7) Interior D still a problem, and Robson decides to rub salt in the wound by wondering "what if" on Tyson Chandler.
Covers 6 (9) Three in a row ATS and SU. Kittens for everyone!
DimeMag n/a (7) n/a
note: "Behind the Basket" was previously known as the blog "HoopsKarma."