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Loud Links 2|8|11

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The Thunder are back in action tonight after a well deserved rest. I hope they took advantage of it, because Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are waiting to go another 12 rounds.

Thunder Hopes to Build Momentum Heading into All-Star Weekend | NewsOK

The Thunder have won three in a row and have played remarkably better ever since the second half of the Heat game. They have a string of games coming up against teams that should not give them too much trouble, which means once again Coach Scott Brooks will have to balance their youthful confidence with the discipline to take them seriously. We really don't need to see any more replays of the Thunder's overtime wins against the Wizards or Timberwolves.

Former ASU Star James Harden Getting Better | AZ

James Harden, the former #3 pick, is steadily winning converts across the country. He does wonder though what would have happened if he had stuck around at ASU for his senior year.

Kevin Durant Looking to Rebound | NewsOK

Durant says that he starts off the game looking for four rebounds in the first quarter and then goes from there. It is a simple adjustment, but I think the focus has had profound ripple effects. Instead of pressing on offense, he is instead looking to get a little dirty banging down low, which puts him in a much more aggressive offensive mindset. Also, it seems like the focus has carried over to his teammates as well, as their offense has looked much better as of late.

Cuban Says Cavs Are in Great Position - For Next Year | Star-Telegram

In the aftermath of watching the Cavaliers lose their NBA record-setting 25th game, Mark Cuban offers some support for his rich buddy Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavs. I think Cuban is right to the extent that 40 wins is a terrible place to be, because teams who reach it tend not to be able to go much further up the charts without a major overhaul. However, the requirements to go from worst to competitive greatly hinge on good fortune - teams getting lucky with a LeBron James or a Dwight Howard. The Cavs already hit the jackpot once with LeBron; odds are it won't happen again. After all, it's Cleveland.

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The 10 Best Scoring Duo's | Bleacher Report

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook occupied this spot for most of the season, but have now been supplanted by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. It's not such a bad thing though, because the Thunder have demonstrated much better balance in the last few games, which makes them a better team for the long run. 

Tulsa Announces Acquisition and Trade | Our Sports Central

My, how little I know about how the D-League works. However, I am enthusiastic to see this kind of activity, because to me it means the league is gaining traction in its ability to draw out young talent. In this arrangement, the Tulsa 66ers acquired Moses Ehambe from Spain and then traded him to the Austin Toros for a third round pick in the D-League draft.

LeBron James: 12 Reasons He Deserves an Apology From All of Us | Bleacher Report

Yeah, the words of George Oscar Bluth, Jr., "Aw Come On!"

Gob: "Come on!" Compilation - Arrested Development (NO SP) (via MisterCartmenez)



Mark Price Not Ready to Dish Mark to Steve Nash | Arizona Republic

A few weeks ago, Steve Nash passed longtime Cleveland Cavaliers guard Mark Price's career free throw shooting record. Nash's career mark now stands at 90.41%. Impressive. Most impressive.