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Loud Links 2|4|11

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Rematch tonight against a Suns team that has really picked up their performance of late. If their momentum continues, they'll be right in the think of things for an eight seed. Granted, that probably means they become lambs to the slaughter for the Spurs in the playoffs, but never-the-less, that would be quite an achievement. They're dangerous, and the Thunder need to play much better than last time to avoid a let-down.

Sefolosha, Krstic Recovering | NewsOK

Thabo Sefolosha continues to recover from a sprained left knee. Nedad Krstic, injured in the Hornets game, could possibly be forced to sit out tonight as he is day to day with an injured right foot. Tonight the Thunder will need shooters, so I think it's a good thing that James Harden and Daequan Cook will be getting more minutes.

D-League All-Star Rosters Announced |

The D-League All-Star game will also be hosted during All-Star weekend. The Thunder's team, the Tulsa 66ers, will be well represented. Their head coach Nate Tibbets will be the Western Conference coach, and Tibbets will have on his bench 66ers players Larry Owens and Zabian Dowdell. Congratulations to all three, and let's hope they give the NBA franchises something to think about.

Not a Hollywood Ending | TrueHoop/ESPN

Abbott ticks off his biggest disappointments for guys who didn't make the All-Star game. I feel his pain on Kevin Love; K-Love is a dominant player on a terrible team and never lets up in his level of play. I think he'll get the replacement vote when they substitute out Yao Ming. As far as the other guys, I have to think of it more in terms of what would make the game entertaining, not necessarily who deserves it. Tim Duncan probably deserves the spot, but you can't tell me that he makes the game itself better. For that to happen, you need as many point guards and swing players as possible.

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Fake Tough Guy Gets All-Star Spot | Palm Beach Post

This story says a lot about the quality of forwards in the Eastern vs the Western Conference.

Mullens Sent to 66ers |

Thunder center Byron Mullens has been sent back to the D-League's Tulsa 66ers. I'm sure it can be demoralizing to go from one league to another, but the fact is Mullens isn't going to be getting any playing time sitting behind the other front line guys. Hopefully he'll begin to develop some better skills, particularly in defense and rebounding, so that he can help the team down the road or at least earn the right to be considered a valuable trade piece.

Nash Announces Educare Mobile Giving Campaign |

Steve Nash is announcing a new platform for his Steve Nash Foundation, called Educare Arizona. Friday's game will be designated as "Educare Early Learning Night at the Phoenix Suns." OKC actually has its own Educare school which opened two years ago, and serves 200 at-risk youths. It is a pretty ingenious idea - the campaign allows people to donate using their mobile phones, and it just gets billed through their phone company.

Confusion Reigns at Midpoint of NBA Season | Imprint

A view from the U. at Waterloo. How poetical.