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Loud Links 2|27|11

The Thunder are regrouping and the Lakers are struggling. The game is in Loud City, so the fans should be at the team's backs as they try to avenge their earlier loss to the Lakers. A win here would give huge psychological advantage to the Thunder. Let's hope they have the focus they need today, because this is the kind of opportunity the Lakers love to re-establish themselves as the kings.

Thunder Need Nazr Mohammed to Lead Well, Play Well | NewsOK

The overlooked acquisition of Nazr Mohammed could be as important as Kendrick Perkins specifically in terms of this year. Veterans with playoff experience can make all the difference in the world when you're going against champion-caliber opponents.

The Thunder Can Bring the Brawn | Bellingham Herald

A look from LA Land at the new-look Thunder. Says Phil Jackson: 

"They're different...We'll see if they're better"

State of the Cap: Post-Deadline Edition | Hoopsworld

Hoopsworld takes a look at each team's salary cap situation. The Thunder is still under the salary cap with an extra $3.4 million. That amount could come in handy with late season acquisitions off the free agent market.

Who is Jeff Green? | CelticsBlog

Mr. Clark examines from afar what the Celtics think they are getting with Jeff Green. The Celtics clearly have a need; the question is whether Green can provide it.

The Krstic-Green Era Begins With a Win | CelticsBlog

The Celtics started their new look with a win last night. While it is sad to see Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic go, the blow is softened somewhat by the fact that they're going to one of the favorites to win the NBA title.


LA Times' Mark Medina and Oklahoman's Mayberry Talk Lakers-Thunder: