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Kendrick Perkins Will be Out Two to Three More Weeks


If you were hoping Kendrick Perkins would debut next Wednesday against Indiana, consider your hopes dashed.

Though the Celtics said Perkins would be out only one week, the Thunder have much different standards when it comes to injuries, and have estimated his return to be in two to three weeks time. Players will go out if they show signs of a minor injury, and Tyson Chandler was rejected because the Thunder thought he would spend too much time being hurt. It's clear they want to protect their assets, and they definitely want Perkins to be ready to go for the playoffs.

Of course, it could be because he re-injured his left MCL, or because the injury is worse than was originally thought. But the Celtics doctors seemed pretty confident in their estimate when it was announced, so I'm glad the Thunder are working to keep Perkins healthy.

The new timetable puts him on track to debut for us mid-March, likely amidst a three game Eastern Conference road trip. Knowing how conservative the Thunder are, I'd expect him to debut Friday, March 18th, against the Bobcats. But that's just a guess.