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Twitter Reactions from Kevin Durant, Nate Robinson, Nazr Mohammed and More

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I'm not a big twitter guy, but it is interesting to drop in every once in a while and see what's going on. Kind of like when you're at a party and there's a beer pong contest going on in the next room, but you don't drink, so you walk into the room every hour and check the bracket.

But, this is a particularly interesting time because you can get a general feel of how players are liking a certain trade. Sure, the feelings are a bit filtered, but generally, if a guy is sad, he's going to tell you, and vice versa. Teams can't censor emotions, at least. Anyway, here's what the guys had to say:


Kevin Durant:


Initial Reaction: Tough day for me and my teammates...good luck to jeff green, nenad krstic, mo pete and Dj white...we will miss u guys 4 sure..damn


In Denial: Welcome my bro Nate Robinson to the Thunder mob. His Facebook is


Back in Sadness: It's so quiet on the bus ride to the hotel u can hear Russ' heart beat...lots of empty seats


It's pretty clear Kevin Durant doesn't like that his big "Thunder U" brotherhood has been broken up. He's always been good buds with Jeff Green, and this hits especially hard because he was eating dinner with Morris Peterson just last night. He probably thought that if the roster never changed, the Thunder could have gone to the championship. Alas, for that is not the case, and perhaps for the first time in his career, Kevin Durant has to deal with the reality of the NBA. The only constant is change.


Below: Nate Robinson's, Nazr Mohammed's, James Harden's, and Russell Westbrook's reactions to the trade!

Nate Robinson:


Initial Reaction: All I can say is wowzers


Parting Words: Will miss all my Boston fans I love y'all , u guys showed me love, E.House shoes tough to fill and y'all made it EZ for me to fill em


Facing Reality: #1 #3 #5 or #8 ? Ahhhh I need help


Getting a Warm Welcome: Thanks bro RT @KDthunderup @nate_robinson welcome to the mobb bro bro!


He seems to accept change pretty well, though going from Seattle to New York to Boston to Oklahoma City has got to be a big jump. When he gets off of the plane and sees the stacks of hay outside of Will Rogers World Airport, he's in for a shock.


Nazr Mohammed: 


Initial Reaction: Don't know where to start cuz I'm still processing the situation... This is easy for me basketball wise but will be tough on our family.


Parting Words: I want to thank my teammates for the memories , the Bobcats organization for the opportunity, & all the #Bobcats fans for the support...


Facing Reality: Basketball has scarred my kids. Told them I was getting traded again and they were pumped. Said they wanted new experiences#NBALife lol


Super Reality: Wait til they realize they're not going. #PissedOffKids


Ah, the family man. The Thunder don't have a lot of married players, so it's something they haven't really dealt with before. Mohammed will be an older guy on the team, so it remains to be seen how he'll fit in, but he's moved around a lot before, so it's not a huge deal for him.




James Harden: What's going on????????????


Part 2: Man I feel weird.


Part 3: Smh i got a tape worm!! LoL RT @EMaynor3: RT @KDthunderup: It's so quiet on the bus ride to the hotel u can hear @russwest44heart beat...


Part 4: Smh lol he out for tomorrows game?


Russell Westbrook: Just landed in orlando....wats a good spot too eat at. ??


I don't know, ask Adonal Foyle!


I think I'm done with Twitter for now.