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Loud Links 2|22|11

The big news of the day is the Carmelo Anthony trade. I'm sure you can read about that elsewhere. The key for the Thunder is that the Northwest division belongs to them, both now and for the foreseeable future. More importantly, we get back to some game action tonight.

Thunder Return to Action Against Clippers | NewsOK

Rohde talks about the energy that still seems to be present on the team, despite the weekend's activities. That's good, because the one thing the Clippers bring is high energy. Match the energy, and Thunder skill will prevail.

Kevin Durant Q&A | NewsOK

Mayberry got a few questions in with Kevin Durant over the weekend. Most enlightening to me was that Kevin said that he and Russell "Honey Badger" Westbrook (oh yeah, I'm pushing this one) spent the whole weekend together. I think that's great; the sooner they realize that they need each other to matriculate, the better off they'll be.

Carmelo Anthony Transaction Analysis | Basketball Prospectus

If you want all the nuts and bolts of the trade, this is a good place to start.

Durant Stays in the Dark About Himself | CBS Sports

Daily Thunder's Royce Young got some time with Kevin Durant over the weekend, and offers his write-up at CBS Sports. Durant still doesn't think he's quite arrived yet. I think he's right, but his turn is coming up.

Isiah Thomas Approves This Message | Ball Don't Lie

In the theater of the absurd, apparently Isiah Thomas is still a power broker in the league. I have no idea why; he burns to the ground everything he touches. And yet there he sits.

TNT Dunks Best-Ever Rating | Multichannel

The All-Star weekend popped some great TV ratings. Even though the highs and lows were pretty wide, there was no question that the weekend drew on the star power of the participants to its benefit.

Ron Artest and His Mix Tape | Facebook

Take a gander at Ron Artest's new free mix tape, available to you via Facebook. Tru Warier indeed.

Check out Durant's new Gatorade commercial after the jump.