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Loud Links 2|2|11

The final regular season game against the Hornets is tonight in OKC. As of now, reports say the game is on as scheduled. Let's hope everyone gets there safe and we get a worthy final entry into this hotly contested match-up.

Ibaka's Winding Road from Congo Lands Him in Tinseltown |

It is cool to see that Serge Ibaka's emmerging play has caught eyes around the league. This is a good story that takes a look at where Ibaka came from, how he got here, and what motivates him. Coach Brooks still questions the wisdom of choosing Durant has his dunking coach.

Hornets Ariza Has Success Against Kevin Durant | NewsOK

Tonight Kevin Durant will once again be faced with one of his three toughest match-ups: the Hornets' Trevor Ariza. The reason why Ariza gives Durant and other swing men so much trouble is because he is so effective at getting through screens and closing on jump shots. Unlike many others, if he gets screened off once or twice, he doesn't give up. If Durant can't get separation, I hope he will go to that other part of his game - his post-up game - even though it isn't fully developed. In that position he can take better advantage of both his height and length in shooting and passing, versus his quickness in running through screens, which Ariza can clearly match.

Best Games of Season's Second Half | HoopsWorld

Included on this list is Clippers v Thunder on 2/27. I doubt anyone would have ever predicted the Clippers would be on a must see anything kind of list. It should be a fun affair though, since the Clippers really punked the Thunder in their first match-up.

Serge Ibaka Selected for All-Star Rookie Challenge | NewsOK

Serge Ibaka will be part of the second-year team for the Rookie Challenge. I hope he lets things hang out a bit, because I think his speed and athleticism is a good fit for this largely defense-free festivity.

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Westbrook Has All-Star Ambitions | EnidNews

Here is another take on Westbrook's improvement this year. I especially like this quote by Suns Coach Alvin Gentry

"He's a really tough cover because not only is he so quick, but he's so strong. He's got shoulders like a doggone linebacker, and he's so quick with the ball that he does a great job."

NBA D-League Power Rankings |

The Thunder's D-League team the Tulsa 66ers are currently the top team in the power rankings. They recently enjoyed a 14 game winning streak, helped in part by guard Jerome Dyson's play.

Hornets Receiving Unexpected Contributions |

It looks like the Thunder will have a few more players on the Hornets team to worry about, especially if Emeka Okefor doesn't play tonight.

Western Conference All-Decade All-Stars | Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report selects its all-decade team. Kevin Durant doesn't make this list, but when you see his competition, it is understandable.

Norman Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Starring... | Youtube

I think Westbrook must have lost a bet or something.