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Loud Links 2|19|11

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I hope you're enjoying the All-Star festivities so far. It seems that we're off to a pretty good start for the weekend. Please check in throughout the day as we try to bring you all sorts of All-Starry goodness.

Rookies Win All-Star Challenge | ESPN

The final score was 148-140, but in games like these the score is merely incidental to what the fans want to see. John Wall won MVP for the game, setting a record in dishing out 22 assists. To his credit, James Harden scored 30 for the losing sophomore squad. Wall's play further supports the idea that when it comes to All-Star games, it's all about the point guards.

Tough Competition Abounds in Saturday All-Star Events |

 It's funny how every alpha-dog NBA star suddenly sees themselves as the "underdog" in these events. I think the favorites are Ray Allen and Blake Griffin, of course, but I and I think many others are very curious as to how the Thunder representatives aquit themselves.

 A Slamming Time in Store for Serge | Norman Transcript

 A look at Serge Ibaka's evolution from a guy who barely knew the game to one who is going to receive stand-up cheers from the LA fans for doing the Air Congo. I really have no idea how his effort is going to turn out, but I'm eager to see it. Even if he doesn't do great with the dunks, Serge seems to have a natural charisma that fans love to see.

Modifying the draft? | HoopsWorld

This concept might be the first time I've seen NBA people actually try to think outside the box. I don't know if it would have the intended effect, but here is the essential proposal: 

The fourteen non-playoff teams that make up the lottery would not only receive the first fourteen picks, but the next fourteen as well. The team that wins the lottery would receive the first overall pick as well as the fifteenth overall pick. The second team on the clock would also own the sixteenth pick, the third picking team would also own the seventeenth pick and so on.

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LA is Feeling the Blake Griffin Effect | NewsOK

Mayberry reminds us that it wasn't that long ago that Blake Griffin was wowing fans when he was suited up for the Oklahoma Sooners in college.

Carmelo's Job Hunt Headlines Weekend's Farce-Filled Activities | Sports Illustrated

This is a very astute piece on how the league has decided to look away as Carmelo Anthony has essentially treated All-Star weekend like a job interview process, circumventing the league rules for trade negotiations. Other lesser players have received fines for saying they want out of a situation. Here though, 'Melo is meeting with other teams, quite publicly, and nary a word is uttered.

Chris Bosh on Durant | Palm Beach Post

Chris Bosh offers a few comments on the whole "fake tough guy" drama that really needs to go away. I think he's right though; reporters sometimes try to catch guys at their most emotionally vulnerable and turn it into a story that isn't.

Tucker, Woodfox Steal Show at Dream Factory |

The D-League held its pre-game competitions last night, and will continue their festivities with their own All-Star game this evening.

Can Anyone Break Ray Allen's 3-Point Record? | SB Nation

This story adds a little bit of perspective on how difficult it will be for any of the current young batch of star shooters to catch up to Ray Allen's 3-point shot record, a record that is going to continue to grow for at least a few more years.

Thunder Raising Prices on Some Season Tickets | NewsOK

For 60% of the seating, the Thunder will be bumping up next season's ticket prices. I think that as long as the franchise puts out such a great product, people will continue to pay.