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Loud Links 2|17|11

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NBA action continued last night and there are a few games this evening, but for now the Thunder are off until after the All-Star break. How do you think the guys will be spending their time? My guess would be a combination of sleeping, playing video games, napping, and eating home cooked meals.

No Rest for Durant, Westbrook | NewsOK

Mayberry takes a look at Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook's excitement for this weekend. For Westbrook, it will be a bit of a homecoming since he grew up a short distance away, and will have lots of family nearby. I know that coaches tend to defer to more established players in these games, but hopefully Westbrook's presence will drawn on some sentimentalism from the crusty ol' sea cap'n Gregg Popovich

The Case Against Derrick Rose | GQ

The Loquacious Bethlehem Shoals appears in GQ to try and grasp the nature of MVP favorite Derrick Rose. It's a worthwhile piece to read, not only for the way he tries to understand Rose, but for what it means for other point guards as well, Westbrook included. Plus, it includes this nonsensically awesome line:


"If Rose is money in the bank, the bounding, chaotic Westbrook is a bit like shooting craps in an abandoned missile silo."


Piston's Tayshaun Prince Open to a Trade | Detroit News

Generally I'm not thrilled to see teams basically "rent" a player for half a season, because I think it tends to have a net-neutral effect at best. Whatever the player might bring in skill set is undone by his lack of knowledge of the team's system and chemistry. Tayshaun Prince though...I could get behind this. He's a defensive specialist who can guard four positions, and he's not terrible offensively. The Thunder have some assets that could make it work, and Prince would be a huge upgrade over Thabo Sefolosha. Sefolosha is a nice team player, but even before his injury I felt like he just didn't bring enough to the table. With the team still thinking James Harden is a year away from being a starter, moving Prince into the line-up could certainly give the Thunder a little bit of a push.

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Blake Griffin Hits Head on Side of the Backboard | Ball Don't Lie

Truly, I hate it when that happens.

The All-Star Weekend Schedule |

If you're single and planning your weekend around all of the All-Star events, this is your guide. 

Kevin Durant Has Locked Up Scoring Title | Stacheketball

Based on remaining games and how far ahead Durant is at this point, it's safe to say he'll be taking home his second consecutive scoring title this season. I also can't think of any player in the near future who is going to challenge him down the road, either.

Ray Allen is Better Than Blake Griffin | Bleacher Report

An evaluation on the subjective merits of the slam dunk competition vs the objective merits of the 3-point shoot out. Personally, I could watch jump shooters for hours. The dunk competition though can run stale pretty quickly; it really needs to get sped up so fans aren't waiting around while Dwight Howard wheels out a phone booth or Nate Robinson completely changes his outfit in the middle of a round.

Isiah is Very Helpful | Hoopsworld

Isiah Thomas is turning into that creepy uncle who has some great stories to tell and some wonderful mountains he climbed, but if you stay in his company too long you begin to think that there are no lines he is unwilling to cross.

Dream Factory Friday Night Preview |

Here are the rules and participants for the D-League's slam dunk and 3-point shootout competitions. The Thunder's team, the Tulsa 66ers, have Latavious Williams competing in the dunk competition.

Cole Aldrich Visits Topeka | KSNT

No word on whether he partied with Russell Hammond at a house party or he watched the host's pet snake eat a rat.

The Serge Ibaka Swat Show