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The 2011 2nd Annual Welcome to Loud City All-Star Challenge Classic

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What a nice family photo!
What a nice family photo!

2010 Challenge, Results

It's All-Star time again, and you know what that means! Welcome to Loud City is running a competition to find out who has the best NBA knowledge! But, in order to win this competition, you not only have to know your Stars, but you have to know your Rookies and D-Leaguers as well. It is truly the ultimate test of your prediction powers, and gives you a dog in the fight when watching the spectacular show/trainwreck this weekend.

The prize this year will be: 3 Thunder-Branded Nike One Golf Balls and Two Packages of ThunderSticks! Not the most amazing prize in the world, but it's what I have lying around. I mean, how many other people have Thunder golf balls? Probably not many. You can be one of the few!

Would you like to participate? Then read the rules below, and hit the jump to fill out the form!


1. One entry per person.

2. Entrant must answer every question on the Google form in order to be eligible to win.

3. There are 16 Points in total, with each event ranging in point total from 1-3 points.

4. The person with the most points will receive the below mentioned prize, and will be mentioned on the front page.

5. In the event of a tie, the person who gets closest to the total All-Star score, plus or minus, will win.

6. In the event the total All-Star score does not separate the competitors, whomever correctly predicted the most MVPs will win.

7. In the event of a Co-MVP for any event, if you successfully picked one of the MVPs, you get the full points possible.

8. You must be a member of Welcome to Loud City to participate.

9. Staff Members are eligible to participate.

10. If Zorgon wins, he keeps the golf balls and Thundersticks and has the right to gloat endlessly.

12. Entries must be recieved by 6 PM Central Standard Time, Friday, February 18th, 2010.