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NBA Power Rankings, Week 16: I Have the Power!

The Thunder conclude their run up to the All-Star weekend break with an uneven last four games, going 2-2. Does the dominant win against a short-handed Kings team placate the funk that I'm still smelling from that Warriors debacle? I don't know...give me another day.

From Around the NBA:

SB Nation 10 (9) An inch away from a Tyreke Evans made 3 and consecutive losses to losing teams; game of inches indeed.
ESPN - Hollinger 10 (9) Holding steady; no real improvement or drop, but still inconsistent.
ESPN - Stein 8 (7) Durant has topped 30 points 22 times this season, which leads the league. 8 (7) A once-flying offense ground to a halt. It's amazing how turnovers from the point kills the flow.
CBS Sports 8 (7) Two boards against a weak rebounding team; that cannot happen again.
ProBasketballTalk 8 (7) Defense not good enough for offense to have a bad night.
Hoopsworld 8 (6) Thunder have a nice cushion in the Northwest. Don't get complacent.
Behind the Basket 9 (6) Chapelle joke got me. That's just perfect.
FoxSports 7 (7) Utah's drop has been good for the Thunder. Portland is hanging around, and Memphis is right there.
SportsIllustrated 8 (7) The Thunder are walking a screwy tightrope between excelling at good things and faltering in bad ways. How will this play out in the post-season?
Covers 8 (6) Tough to get a read on what to expect night to night.
DimeMag n/a (7) n/a
Rankings updated when available