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Loud Links 2|12|11

Finally, it's game day once more. The Thunder head to Sacramento where the Kings will get a rematch from their earlier season loss. Let us hope that they've shaken off the beating the front line took from Zach Randolph. The next one up is DeMarcus Cousins; he's a rookie, he's green, he's emotional, and he's also very good.

Thunder Looking to Rebound in Sacramento | NewsOK

Mayberry provides a pre-game preview for tonight's match-up. He notes that while the Kings are the worst in the West, they have become competitive as of late. Tyreke Evans continues to be and offensive asset, and now DeMarcus Cousins is showing some signs that he was worth the #2 pick in the draft.

Is Kobe the Best Clutch Shooter in the NBA? | SB Nation

A little bit more point-counterpoint to this debate that stretches back at least a decade. You can come up with plenty of arguments either way, but here is one more: if Kobe is NOT taking your most important shots in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter, then who is? Your end-game shooter has to have a combination of hight, jumping ability, long-range shooting touch, excellent moves, the ability to hit a shot with two guys in his face, the ability to draw fouls, and who shoots a high free throw percentage. Who else can fit that criteria? I can think of three: Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade, and Paul Pierce.

Inside the NBA: Jerry Sloan Through the Years |

TNT's tribute to Jerry Sloan. Charles Barkley pops up a few times, but more surprisingly, they got John Stockton to re-emerge from wherever he is hiding to say something publicly. 

Seven Players the Thunder Should Swap With Jeff Green | Bleacher Report

There are a few interesting choices in here. The best ones are the still-hidden gems, and those are the ones Presti and the gang will most likely go after.

Worst Loss of the Season? | NewsOK

Tramel hits us with his list of the Thunder's worst losses of the season. Not surprisingly, the Memphis game is on there. I'd probably rank the Raptors loss as #2, because at that point in the season the Thunder were starting to figure things out, yet their defense was so bad that they made the Raptors look like the Suns.