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Ray Allen Hits Record Breaking 3-Pointer

Congratulations are in order to the Celtics' Ray Allen who, in tonight's game against the LA Lakers, tied and then surpassed NBA legend Reggie Miller's NBA record career 3-pointers.

Boston Celtics' Ray Allen Hits Record-Breaking 3-Pointer | ESPN

Allen buried # 2,561 as the first quarter ran down. TD Garden recognized the accomplishment between the 1st and 2nd quarters.

On a personal note, I've had the privilege of watching Ray shoot that picture-perfect shot for over 15 years now. I first got to watch him when he was draining jumpers as a shooting guard at UConn. I grew up as a Syracuse fan, so I was always acutely aware of the talent that percolated through the Big East. In the 1996 Big East tournament, Allen and his Huskies first crushed my Orangemen squad and then won the Conference Championship by defeating a Georgetown team led by a young Allen Iverson. (UConn got the best of SU in that tournament, but the 'Cuse were able to boast about the NCAA tournament, making it all the way to the finals that year) Even then, Allen was already stating that he dreamed of playing for the Celtics one day.

CelticsBlog offers one of the best things you'll read on Ray Allen today:

Ray Allen - The Past, Present, and Future of an All-Time Great | CelticsBlog

And the record-setting 3-pointer: