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Utah Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan to Announce Resignation

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Surprising news coming out of Utah that could alter the Western Conference landscape:

Sloan Resigning After Clash With Williams | Yahoo! Sports

The story is careful to state that his resignation is from his status as "head coach," but based on the context, Jerry Sloan may be leaving the team completely.  The reports that are coming now describe how the snap decision may have grown directly out of his disillusionment with Deron Williams and the team's handling of Williams' discontent.  

Sloan has been tenured as the Jazz head coach for 23 season now, which is a staggering run in today's professional sports landscape. His best teams featured Jazz legends Karl Malone and John Stockton. With that squad, Sloan led the Jazz to two consecutive finals appearances, but lost both times to the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls.

A 5:00PM EST conference call has been scheduled for the formal announcement.